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Max Collection: new chair and armchair

Christoph Jenni design.
Max, Maxdesign 2018.

There is a whole new concept behind this product development.
All the different frames have been thought and designed to fit both products, chair and armchair. A “one-fit-all” approach in line with the crucial values of functionality and flexibility.

Moreover, recycled organic polypropylene and eco–friendly recycled wood have been added to our collection. These new additions are used for bases as well as shells. The result is a monolith object made from the same reclaimed material, a well–proportioned chair where the structure is hidden in the form itself. As far as the upholstery, we opt for lightness and practicality.
The products turn up in a wide array of leathers and fabrics treated for indoor and outdoor use.


Inside and beyond a whole new paradigm: Maxdesign is welcoming you at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan to introduce the latest collection, MAX.

We are moving forward in the organisation of creative processes as the scale of what we are designing keeps shifting. We explore new fundamental tools, human values and methods to effectively act in this ever–changing setting. It is not about the individual user, it is about an ample demanding system. We carry through a never-ending circular flow where the product is just one of the starting points. There is a precise intention behind each object that regenerates and adapts to the environment through a wide program of flexible solutions, open connections and organic combinations. It expands and reinvents to meet a greater scheme made of projects driven by functional needs and contexts of use.

mapping the product’s journey
Preview Max collection design Christoph Jenni

Official launch at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018, Milan.


Directions | mapping the product’s journey

Collections & environments, objects & systems.

This product development is the result of a new concept. New inputs, needs and contexts have influenced the delineation of Maxdesign’s 2018 line.
Colors, materials and upholsteries change and the whole array of products defines a new aesthetic.
Our creative approach moves in a different direction. There are six different bases available, all developed to fit both the chair and the armchair. “One size fits all”, a characteristic and also a priority, in line with functionality and reusability.
As far as the materials, recycled organic polypropylene and eco–friendly recycled wood are now two of the frame’s options. These two additions are used for bases as well as shells. The result is a monolith object made from the same reclaimed material, a well–proportioned chair where the structure is hidden in the form itself.
The products are covered in leather or fabric treated for indoor and outdoor use. Lightness and practicality are features of all the different upholsteries.

mapping the product’s journey

Maxdesign at Salone Internazionale del mobile 2018.
PAV 10, Hall D16.

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Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018

We are pleased to welcome you to our stand.
Meet us and our new project at PAV 10 HALL D 16.
Our visitors will have the opportunity to discover the brand new collection “MAX” showcased for the very first time in Milan on Tuesday:
mapping the product’s journey
preview Max collection | design Christoph Jenni

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018
April, 17-22.
Milano Fiera, Rho, Milan, Italy
PAV 10 Hall D 16
Salone del Mobile di Milano Maxdesign

Maxdesign | Salone internazionale del Mobile

We are at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.
Maxdesign will be in Milan for the 57th edition of the famous furniture fair to present our collection and share our vision and experience of design.
We will launch another brand new collaboration with the Christoph Jenni: new materials, colors and upholesteries
Come by and visit our booth: PAV 10 Hall D 16

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

See you there!

Maxdesign is a ISO 9001 certified company

We have just started another year as an ISO 9001 certified company. When Maxdesign obtained its first ISO 9001 back in 2012 it has demonstrated how the company focuses on respecting and maintaining all the regulatory requirements. The entire organization is encompassed in the process. People, facilities, equipments, training and services are constantly implemented to meet the Quality Management System requirements. Year after year our company identify new potential improvements and to make sure to be eligible for the certification.