Offset Table

While working at a desk, we noticed that we tend to separate the working area into two parts: a more organised part for working and a less organised part for keeping items we only use occasionally. We thought that marking the boundary between these two areas could help us to be better organised and, at the same time, more productive. So, we created a physical gap. We assumed that this line would help us to organise the working surface, separating active and inactive areas, making us be more orderly. At this point, other questions arose: can this line help those who share the area to divide the work area, limiting while allowing communication? By connecting a series of accessories to this gap, could we see an increase in productivity? Can this line help us to organise the cable mess we often have at the work table? Can this line be the centerpiece of the table where the legs are joined to the surface? Can this line make a table versatile in order to respond to our spatial needs? A table which can easily be assembled and disassembled? Can this line allow for different table size configurations in the same legs?
Offset is our answer.