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Re Max®: Color Reloaded

New palettes Re Max®: colors designed to meet the shapes of the seats and to give expression to the open and flexible program of the Max collection, design by Christoph Jenni.

The shades of the Solid palette – made with recycled PP – introduces a sharp and oceanic blue tone, the Blue Marlin and a bright and broad grey, Essential Grey. The recycled PP + Wood formula of the Blend shades, characterizes the surface with a special texture resulting from the mix of the two materials and completes the natural inspiration of the palette with the color Moss, an organic and deep green tone.
The chromatic study also included the aluminum and metal structures, updated in the finishes to allow more freedom and harmony in the matches.

Check out the gallery of Max or download the Color plan 2020.

To our clients and partners

In a moment of extraordinary change, it is natural to find ourselves reconsidering the present and trying to outline the future scenario, a new layer overlaps relating yesterday with tomorrow.

For Maxdesign, this also involves a significant change in perspective: we are proud to announce that we are now part of FK Grupo S/A, a leading global manufacturer of furnishings for public and private spaces.
“The acquisition of Maxdesign brand represents the evolution of a partnership that began in 2015, signalling the start of an international development phase for the group.” Ulisses Carlos Raineri, Chairman of FK Grupo.
The agreement was completed through a newly established Italian company, managed by Massimo Martino, CEO of Maxdesign: “Our objective is to create a business model that can meet the social, environmental and economic requirements of a new design sensitivity, using techniques, materials and production processes that are able to generate innovation for both people and their environment.”

On May 4th Maxdesign resumed production activities in compliance with the new safety regulations. For information about orders or for any other request or support you may need, please contact us through our new communication channels:

T +39 0423 432216

See you soon,
Maxdesign team


Edy’s Restaurant

When a restaurant from the 70s is conceptually redesigned from scratch to a new Edy’s restaurant on Corviglia mountain, in the swiss ski resort St. Moritz. Natural material meets colors such grey, green and shades of ocher. Appia chairs without armrests in oak wood with aluminium frame, black and white, complete the atmosphere of the wide open space.

Project by Nader Interiors
Photo credits: Dolores Rupa


BCA Tower, Indonesia

The evolution of a workplace. Encouraging communication and human interaction, Max armchair works in harmony with the surrounding at the BCA Tower Grand Indonesia in Jakarta.

Project by Q Space
Photo credits: PM photoworks


“The RE MAX® project is a fundamental step in the optimization plan that we have undertaken. Over the next three years we intend to reduce our purchases of virgin raw materials to a minimum, thanks to better management of waste within our own production cycles.” – Head of Injection Molding Plant

Rethinking waste to change perceptions of the value of both materials and making practices. This is the starting point of RE MAX®’s circular production process, it is an innovative and sustainable new material. A product and materials development team made up of technical experts is working on it at our headquarters. Here they research new specific formulas on the regenerated Polypropylene that comes from industrial production waste generated primarily by the food production, medical and wood. We believe that when a product reaches the end of its usable lifecycle, all of the materials can be recycled again and again.

Discover RE MAX® and read the full interview: download here.

Salone del Mobile 2019

The driving factors that inspired us through RE MAX®’s journey welcome the visitors to our stand at Salone del mobile in Milan. A new story about design, technology and innovation.

The process of designing a new material starts with a conscious approach and we capture the value and reinvent it, again and again like an ever- changing circular flow.

The collections we introduced in Milan comprises furniture pieces each made totally from reclaimed materials, RE MAX® stimulates emotions and feelings through materials and shapes. Two new colour palettes enhance its robust character and balanced appearance.

design Christoph Jenni

April 9th–14th 2019 Salone del mobile, Milan Hall 10, Stand D16

Invitation: Salone del Mobile 2019

Maxdesign invites you to explore RE MAX®:
everything is transformed.

April 9th–14th 2019
Salone del mobile, Milan
Hall 10, Stand D16


Max collection
new blend and solid shades
for RE MAX® sustainable PP+Wood,
new full upholstered version

Appia collection
handcrafted upholstery in pure leather

Baba collection
new shapes and new shades
for wood and concrete

design Christoph Jenni

IBA Sidney

Our 4 legs chair Stratos is in the new Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) office in Sydney, a workplace designed to be as versatile as possible both to enhance functionality and optimise its future growth.
Maxdesign Stratos in cold grey with metal frame seats the diners in IBA’s modern canteen. The chair’s geometries and multifaceted shape merge with the characteristics of the fast paced metropoly and its whole design concept.

project and photo credits: IA Design


DIBP Adelaide

The 6 level office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Adelaide is a clear example of IA Design’s intent to create an extraordinary environment that transforms the way people work and interact. Its multi-purpose interior design includes our Stratos that perfectly fits in with its simple geometries and versatile aspect. The chair is here specified in four versions: on sled base in the training room, in its oak-wooden legs option in the breakout area, on sled base upholstered in fabric in the consulting rooms and in the work stations.

Parker’s Restaurant

It’s not just about food: inside Parker’s the visitor finds himself in an eclectic environment that revolves around the passion for interior design and culinary creations. Driven to create a sophisticated dining area where the home-grown food concepts sit inside a traditional pic-nic scene, INDPT, the region’s most forward-thinking food entrepreneur, shapes the look and feel of a unique, yet innovative restaurant.
The space reinvents the dine experience through a unique take on cuisine and specially designed interiors that feature our multipurpose Appia. A four-leg stackable chair realised in wood with natural oak shell, armrests and white frame. A discreet and elegant solution that enhances the pop-up nature of the brand. Parkers is located both in Abu Dhabi, and Downtown Dubai. The restaurants are designed by the young London/Dubai based firm H2R.

photo credits: H2R

Invitation: Stockholm Furniture Fair

Maxdesign welcomes you to the world’s leading event for Scandinavian design. We will be in Stockholm for the annual Furniture Fair starting on Tuesday 5th February. Expect to learn more about our ongoing collections, discover the recent projects Max and re-Max, and see our range of furniture for living and working.

Stockholm Furniture Fair
Hall A06:25
February 5th–9th, 2019
from Tuesday to Friday: 9am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–5pm


Thank you – Maison&Objet Jan 2019

Thank you for visiting our stand.
Maxdesign would like to thank all the visitors for taking their time to meet with us and explore our stand. We hope you enjoyed our selection of seatings and the concepts and ideas behind each project.

See you in Stockholm for the next appointment:

Stockholm Furniture Fair
Hall A06:25
February 5th–9th, 2019
from Tuesday to Friday: 9am–6pm
Saturday: 10am–5pm

See you soon,
Maxdesign Team


Invitation: M&O, Paris

Maxdesign Elements at Maison&Objet Paris
Maxdesign will be at Maison&Objet with a selection of seatings for the living and working environment. Highlights include Max and re-Max, Appia and Appia Work, pieces born from the creative collaboration with Christoph Jenni. For the duration of the home decor fair, that runs from 18 to 22 January, our team will guide you through a series of solutions devised from the key concepts of flexibility, functionality and wellbeing.

See you at:
Maison & Objet Paris
Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre
Hall 6 / J74–K73
January 18th–22th, 2019
from Friday to Monday: 9.30am–7pm
Tuesday: 9.30am–6pm


Season’s greetings 2018

All of us at Maxdesign join in saying thank you and extending to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy festive season.
At the close of another year, we want to reach out to celebrate the results of these past 12 months and share with you our plans for next year.

We will wait for you at:

Maison&Objet Paris
January 18th–22nd, 2019
Hall 6 /J74-K73

Stockholm Furniture Fair
February 5th–9th, 2019
Hall A06:25

Please note that our office will close for the festive period from Saturday 22nd December and will reopen on Monday 7th January.

See you soon,
Maxdesign Team


Thank you – Orgatec 2018

Thank you for your visit

Thanks to all our visitors! Maxdesign and the team would like to thank you and all the people that came to visit our booth during Orgatec 2018 last week. It was a fine opportunity to display and talk more about the whole concept and materials that refine our latest collection. It is always a pleasure to meet loyal customers and new inspiring visitors while admiring the potential and the future of the fast-moving world of design. Definitely, a dynamic and successful event that enhances our motivation in making workplaces fun, functional and pleasant.

See you soon!
Maxdesign Team

ORGATEC 2018, Invitation

Maxdesign continues to contribute in creating products for the functional and flexible new vision of work. The distinct but balanced personality of MAX and APPIA will play its part in this brilliant showcase for the ever-changing demand of the workforce.
New concepts, fascinating materials and innovation solutions designed to develop the interiors of contemporary offices, meeting zones and co-working spaces.
Christoph Jenni
new program, new purpose

Christoph Jenni
new finishes

Visit our stand at Orgatec, the international trade fair for modern working environment in Cologne.
MAXDESIGN, its team and its products will welcome you to:
Orgatec 2018, Cologne
Hall 10.2 Stand M049/N048
October 23–27, 2018
Tuesday to Friday 09:00am – 06:00pm
Saturday 09:00am – 04:00pm

See you there.

Decasa Degusteria

DEGUSTERIA DECASA It is easy to feel the adventure in the use of colour and the choice of making the interiors interesting and varied. A creative use of space that affects all senses. Its warmth confirms how furniture has become a critical element: customers come to dine, experience the local traditions and relax in a cosy environment. The interior design transports the diner to a kind of space where a cosy and fine atmosphere plays a leading role. Maxdesign BettyBetihna and Appia are used throughout the different rooms where design and eye for detail define the whole area. Decasa Degusteria has been designed by the Italian design studio based in Treviso, OAF Design. Project by Warm and Wood & OAF Design.

Max Collection: new chair and armchair

Christoph Jenni design.
Max, Maxdesign 2018.

There is a whole new concept behind this product development.
All the different frames have been thought and designed to fit both products, chair and armchair. A “one-fit-all” approach in line with the crucial values of functionality and flexibility.

Moreover, recycled organic polypropylene and eco–friendly recycled wood have been added to our collection. These new additions are used for bases as well as shells. The result is a monolith object made from the same reclaimed material, a well–proportioned chair where the structure is hidden in the form itself. As far as the upholstery, we opt for lightness and practicality.
The products turn up in a wide array of leathers and fabrics treated for indoor and outdoor use.


Inside and beyond a whole new paradigm: Maxdesign is welcoming you at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan to introduce the latest collection, MAX.

We are moving forward in the organisation of creative processes as the scale of what we are designing keeps shifting. We explore new fundamental tools, human values and methods to effectively act in this ever–changing setting. It is not about the individual user, it is about an ample demanding system. We carry through a never-ending circular flow where the product is just one of the starting points. There is a precise intention behind each object that regenerates and adapts to the environment through a wide program of flexible solutions, open connections and organic combinations. It expands and reinvents to meet a greater scheme made of projects driven by functional needs and contexts of use.

mapping the product’s journey
Preview Max collection design Christoph Jenni

Official launch at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018, Milan.


Directions | mapping the product’s journey

Collections & environments, objects & systems.

This product development is the result of a new concept. New inputs, needs and contexts have influenced the delineation of Maxdesign’s 2018 line.
Colors, materials and upholsteries change and the whole array of products defines a new aesthetic.
Our creative approach moves in a different direction. There are six different bases available, all developed to fit both the chair and the armchair. “One size fits all”, a characteristic and also a priority, in line with functionality and reusability.
As far as the materials, recycled organic polypropylene and eco–friendly recycled wood are now two of the frame’s options. These two additions are used for bases as well as shells. The result is a monolith object made from the same reclaimed material, a well–proportioned chair where the structure is hidden in the form itself.
The products are covered in leather or fabric treated for indoor and outdoor use. Lightness and practicality are features of all the different upholsteries.

mapping the product’s journey

Maxdesign at Salone Internazionale del mobile 2018.
PAV 10, Hall D16.

#maxdesigndirections #maxdesignprojects

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018

We are pleased to welcome you to our stand.
Meet us and our new project at PAV 10 HALL D 16.
Our visitors will have the opportunity to discover the brand new collection “MAX” showcased for the very first time in Milan on Tuesday:
mapping the product’s journey
preview Max collection | design Christoph Jenni

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018
April, 17-22.
Milano Fiera, Rho, Milan, Italy
PAV 10 Hall D 16
Salone del Mobile di Milano Maxdesign

Maxdesign | Salone internazionale del Mobile

We are at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.
Maxdesign will be in Milan for the 57th edition of the famous furniture fair to present our collection and share our vision and experience of design.
We will launch another brand new collaboration with the Christoph Jenni: new materials, colors and upholesteries
Come by and visit our booth: PAV 10 Hall D 16

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

See you there!

Maxdesign is a ISO 9001 certified company

We have just started another year as an ISO 9001 certified company. When Maxdesign obtained its first ISO 9001 back in 2012 it has demonstrated how the company focuses on respecting and maintaining all the regulatory requirements. The entire organization is encompassed in the process. People, facilities, equipments, training and services are constantly implemented to meet the Quality Management System requirements. Year after year our company identify new potential improvements and to make sure to be eligible for the certification.

Stratos, a modern classic.

A multi-faceted seat inspired by Italian automotive design, a project by the Hannes Wettstein Studio. A product which is smartly modern and at the same time classic, with shapes based on solid and natural geometries.

Sustainable, recyclable, but also worthy of being passed down through time, with universally comprehensible colour qualities, Stratos is suitable for the most varied situations, both private and public.

Discover more about Stratos: StratosStratos MStratos MH and Stratos Lounge.

Offset Table

While working at a desk, we noticed that we tend to separate the working area into two parts: a more organised part for working and a less organised part for keeping items we only use occasionally. We thought that marking the boundary between these two areas could help us to be better organised and, at the same time, more productive. So, we created a physical gap. We assumed that this line would help us to organise the working surface, separating active and inactive areas, making us be more orderly. At this point, other questions arose: can this line help those who share the area to divide the work area, limiting while allowing communication? By connecting a series of accessories to this gap, could we see an increase in productivity? Can this line help us to organise the cable mess we often have at the work table? Can this line be the centerpiece of the table where the legs are joined to the surface? Can this line make a table versatile in order to respond to our spatial needs? A table which can easily be assembled and disassembled? Can this line allow for different table size configurations in the same legs?
Offset is our answer.

Maxdesign at Maison & Objet 2018

Maxdesign at M&O 2018

The January edition of the world’s biggest home and interior trade fair, Maison et Objet, has just come to a close. It has confirmed the event as a perfect place to discover what is currently going on in the world of design, interior decorations and lifestyle. A unique international trade fair, both for exhibitors and visitors. A muse for the industry itself, that showcases inspiring experiences, trends and awards.

A special thanks goes to our visitors who stopped by to have a look at our latest collections, it was wonderful to see so many of you here.

We look forward to welcome you to Milan during the annual Design Week. See you at Salone del Mobile, April 17-22 2018, definitely something not to be missed.

Salone del Mobile di Milano Maxdesign

Maxdesign | Salone internazionale del Mobile

We are at Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Maxdesign will be in Milan for the 57th edition of the famous furniture fair to present our collection and share our vision and experience of design.

We will launch another brand new collaboration with the Christoph Jenni: new materials, colors and upholesteries

Come by and visit our booth: PAV 10 Hall D 16

See you tomorrow!

Opening hours:

Tuesday 12-20

Wednesday & Thursday 9-20

Friday & Saturday 9-18

Sunday 9-16

Supertime 2017: Maxdesign x Salone del Mobile

Super Time: Borders

Human beings constantly interact with the surroundings, with the space they live and spend time in. Our behavior and our thinking are deeply influenced by structure and elements around us.

In the same way each person modifies and shapes a nude place to turn it into an environment where inspiration, knowledge and senses find a fertile terrain. The more versatile an habitat is the more dynamic a mind can be. The symbolism behind every single elements becomes part of our daily routine and conditions the essence of our activities. Is the environment worth it? Are we shaping a versatile and harmonic dimension around us?